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We are a contemporary architecture firm working mainly in the residential, commercial and office sectors. Our projects are built all over the world, in urban and natural environments.

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We provide integrated services in the real estate sector that meet the needs of our clients with our commitment to applying the best quality standards and optimal use of modern technologies.


To be the preferred strategic partner for our clients in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.

Strategic map

Financial axis:

  • Increase our financial returns by 100%.
  • Achieving efficiency and effectiveness at the company level

Education and growth axis:

  • Obtaining the ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality Management System Certificate.

Development and improvement axis:

  • Integrated application of the electronic management system.

Customer axis:

  • Expanding the customer base and spreading in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.
  • Activating partnerships with society and communicating with community institutions.

Strategic Goals


  1. Financial axis: increasing our financial returns by 100%
  2. Achieving efficiency and effectiveness at the company level...the financial axis
  3. Expansion and spread in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region (customer hub)
  4. Activating community partnership (customer focus)
  5. Obtaining the Quality Management System Certificate 2015-9001 150 Internal Operations Axis
  6. Development and improvement axis... integrated application of electronic management systems

Ruling values


Quality of performance in accordance with local standards and quality of products to meet customer expectations.

(Quality indicators at the company level):

  1. Internal review of the extent to which services provided to customers comply with quality standards.
  2. Quality guide for all administrative and technical sectors.
  3. Periodic self-evaluation of performance.

(Quality indicators at the individual level):

  1. Accuracy in completing tasks efficiently and effectively.
  2. Mastering work and avoiding chaos and making mistakes.


Commitment in actions and words and commitment to the client’s rights and duties. And compliance with laws and regulations.

(Indicators of commitment at the company level):

  1. Commitment to financial and legal responsibilities.
  2. Commitment to implement contracts concluded with customers.
  3. Employees’ compliance with the laws and regulations regulating work.
  4. Mechanisms of accountability, punishment, and grievance.

(Indicators of commitment at the individual level):

  1. Commitment to the assigned work.
  2. Commitment to professional and ethical values.


Disclosure, clarity in transactions and procedures, and integrity in all dealings.

 (Transparency indicators at the company level):

  1. Disclosing the company’s financial policy to customers.
  2. Publish the company’s policy regarding the internal regulations and regulations governing work for employees.

(Transparency indicators at the individual level):

  1. Honesty in words and actions.
  2. The right to freedom of opinion and expression.
  3. The right to request and obtain information.


Creating an appropriate environment to stimulate creativity and support ideas and proposals that help maximize our clients’ returns.

((Innovation indicators at the company level)):

  1. Using modern technologies that meet customer needs.
  2. Company Award: Excellence and Creativity.
  3. Linking employee rewards and incentives to performance development

(Indicators of innovation at the individual level)

  1. Providing constructive ideas and suggestions.
  2. Carrying out assigned tasks in non-routine ways.

Our services

The organization provides high-standard real estate services aimed at raising the value of the property. The services vary to be designed for each client based on his requirements and real estate vision and in a way that suits his lifestyle to include many services concentrated in:

Real Estate Marketing

Buying & Selling Real Estate

Owners Association Management

Facilities Management

Real Estate Evaluation

Real Estate Leasing

Construction & Reconstruction


Real Estate Maintenance

"We Always Strive To Give Our Best"


commercial centers to Management


mosques, construction, restoration and maintenance


real estate cases for the amount of 791533


construction and restoration units


 management and maintenance units

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